Fan 9th Day (9 Days Total) Box Office Collection Report

SRK’s Fan is going well in Cinema’s. However, it does not reach to its expectation but still earning a well amount money in theaters. The Review and Rating of Fan movie were so well, and it got four stars out of 5 stars by many critics, But the reviews don’t help the movie to business with other competitors as Jungle Book is doing. The whole box office collection of Fan Film has been taken by “Jungle Book” of Jon Favreau. Apart from Jungle Book, there is one another South Indian Tamil movie “Theri” has taken the whole earnings from the screens in South India like Tamilnadu, Kerela, Andhra Pradesh, etc. So It has become hard for Shahrukh Khan’s Movie to compete and build a well-known record of Box Office Business.

Let’s have a detailed look at the 9 Days Business by Fan Movie, How Much it is going to make in total Box Office Collection? And How much would Fan be able to earn in total? Or We can see it in Hindi as “Total Kamai of Fan.”

Fan 9th day Box office Collection

The Very First day of Fan was so awesome; it took good feet on box office with its opening collection of 19.20 Crore rupees in India. On Saturday 16th, April was not so much good even after reviews were so good by critics. It claimed to earn only 15.40 Crore rupees money in total. The Box Office scenario goes on decreasing on Sunday too which was expected to be a boom by a Production team. Fan Collected only 17.75 Crore Sunday and 52.35 Crore in total in its first weekend.

The Next whole week has been presented here in a well-described table of each day collection of Fan movie.

DayDateWeek DayBox Office Collection (INR)
1st Day15 AprilFriday19.20 cr
2nd Day16 AprilSaturday15.41 cr
3rd Day17 AprilSunday17.75 cr
4th Day18 AprilMonday6.05 cr
5th Day19 AprilTuesday5.75 cr
6th Day20 AprilWednesday4.20 cr
7th Day21 AprilThursday3.15 cr
8th Day22 April2nd Friday1.70 cr
9th Day23 April2nd Saturday2.65 cr
10th Day24 April2nd Sunday3.40 cr
11th Day25 April2nd Monday1.10 cr
12th Day26 April2nd Tuesday1 cr
13th Day27 April2nd wednesday85 lacs
14th Day28 April2nd thursday75 lacs
15th Day29 April3rd friday70 lacs
16th Day30 April3rd Saturday75 lacs
17th Day1 may3rd sunday80 lacs
18th Day2 may3rd Mon71 lacs
19th day3 may3rd Tuesday65 lacs
20th day4 may3rd wed55 lacs
21st day5 may3rd thursday35 lacs
22nd day6 may4th friday24 lacs
23rd day7 may4th saturday19 lacs
FanScreeningClosedin India
TotalIndiaBusiness92.10 cr
TotalOverseasBusiness69.86 cr
GrossWorldwideCollection187.48 Cr

But Fan earned a lot from the overseas audience like UAE and USA it enters in 100 Crore club by totaling the in Home Plus Overseas collection together.

Fan Overseas Collection week 1: 51.48 Crore ( Overseas: Week 1 $ 7.730 million [₹ 51.48 cr]… Best in UAE-GCC [$ 2.953 mn], USA-Canada [$ 1.690 mn].)

On 22nd April, 2 More Starring movies have been released in theaters 1). Laal Rang, 2). Santa Banta Pvt. Ltd. in which “Laal Rang” has not got good ratings by critics…

1). Laal Rang, Reviews
2016 film


And the other one Santa Banta Pvt. Ltd. Has got so worst reviews by critics which are not seeming to earn a collection to its budget.

2). Santa Banta Pvt Ltd, Reviews
2016 film
It means this week can be more fruitful for Shahrukh’s Fan. Let see I am also hoping for the fan that it at least make 100 crores in India because its a cost of Fame of Shahrukh Khan.


  1. Fan is very amazing, quality, master pcs movie . Very nice classical creation of Sharukh khan. Many of actor of bollywood can’t like this type of movie . Salman khan can’t able to this movie bcoz salman is none quality actor of bollywood.