Dishoom 9th day collection total 2nd Saturday box office earning day wise income

Dishoom movie of Varun and John is amazing with full of entertainment in the Movie. Dishoom 9th day collection steadily collection amazing box office income at the box office. Dishoom overseas collection also collected 20 Cr above, that is very well for this movie. Now Dishoom movie is a hit movie of Bollywood 2016. The day I saw the trailer for this movie, I questioned myself whether cricket is a one man show or a team effort? Because if it means that a cricket match can be won by the presence of just one player, then Rohit Dhawan’s Dishoom falls right at its place. I had a few reservations before the movie, thinking I might waste my bucks, but I’m glad I was proven wrong. If you are ready to neglect “sense” and want to get entertained, then Dishoom is for you.

Viraj Sharma (Saqeeb) gets kidnapped one day before the finals against Pakistan somewhere in the Middle east. India’s foreign external minister assigns a special task force officer, Kabir (John) to find him in 36 hours. With him, he has the local underrated cop whose reputation is more like a Ramu kaka than a police officer. Together they slowly unfold the whereabouts of the cricketer meeting some quirky characters in between. Will they succeed in saving India’s only grace in the cricket field? We have also share the Dishoom box office collection day wise.

Dishoom 9th day collection report

Manhunt + buddy cop drama has been a tried and tested formula, however, there are many things the director has taken care which makes the movie worth your watch. Knowing that the plot is thin like fade, he doesn’t try to concentrate on that. Instead, he focuses on the characters and other stuff. If you see the movie as a whole, then there are many logic-defining loopholes which will spoil the fun. So, keep your thinking hat aside.

Dishoom 9th day collection: 3.80 cr expected

Many small things work for this movie. The first half is full of fun and investigation and it runs with a good pace. No songs keep your attention hooked on the screen. Be it John’s macho swagger or Varun’s childlike innocence, their chemistry is what you will enjoy in the first hour. The momentum slightly falls in the second half with the entry of the villains who unfortunately don’t look like one and the plot just goes from crazy to bizarre. we hope that Dishoom 10th day collection will get more income from ninth day.

Dishoom 9 days total overseas earning day wise

Short running time (124 minutes), fast and furious execution, funny dialogues, high-octane action scenes, John-Varun’s camaraderie, picturesque camera work, loud right on spot background score and finally Akshay-man bun-Kumar’s superbly cheeky cameo are those elements that remain enjoyable throughout the film. I liked Rohit Dhawan’s direction. He knows what will work and what won’t. So keeping a limited script, he excels in the screenplay, editing, music, and cinematography. Songs are ok-ish, except Sau tarah key. It will definitely stick in your mouth.

Dishoom day 1: 11.05 cr

Dishoom day 2: 12.02 cr

Dishoom day 3: 14.25 cr

Dishoom day 4: 4.85 cr

Dishoom day 5: 4.30 cr

Dishoom day 6: 4.80 cr

Dishoom day 7: 3.20 cr

Dishoom day 8: 4 cr

Dishoom day 9: 3.80 Cr expected

Dishoom 6 days total earning: 58.05 cr approx

John as a badass swagger cop does what he is best at. Same goes for Varun. His comic timing is worth appreciation. Jacqueline looks cute and supports well, but her role has less of meat. Dishoom 2nd weekend collection must cross 60 Cr to 65 Cr.

It was great to Akshaye Khanna back, but his character is not written well. He comes too late in the picture and we hardly get to know anything about him. He acts well but doesn’t look powerful. Disappointed!