Dishoom 2nd day collection Saturday total box office income overseas earning

Rohit Dhawan has almost all the perfect elements to make the movie an out and out commercial drama. Dishoom 2nd day collection almost Dishoom the box office income. Dishoom movie also entered in the highest one day or opening day at the box office of 2016. Two hot male leads, one sexy leading lady, impressive locales and good action. With the focus on its commercial elements, the content of the movie has suffered. Dishoom is entertaining in some parts only making this a one time watch for us.┬áThere was a time in Bollywood (60’s and early 70’s) when heroes used to actually say “Dishoom” while punching the villain in the climax….this was before Amitabh Bachchan and Salim -Javed Jodi revolutionized the action genre in Hindi cinema. Today’s action sequences are a tremendous improvement over those verbally pronounced dish room’s of the past even though our films continue to falter in content.

Dishoom 2nd day collection report

Sajid Nadiadwala produced and Rohit Dhawan directed ‘Dishoom’ starts with top Indian batsman Viraj (Saqib Saleem) – an amalgamation of Virat and Yuvraj – hitting a winning six on Dubai ground even after dislocating a shoulder on the field. Poor Viraj isn’t able to even pop a bottle of champagne for celebration as he is almost immediately kidnapped. Dishoom first day collection is 11.25 cr.

Dishoom 2nd day collection: 12 Cr Expected

I think the last high profile VIP to be kidnapped abroad was the President of India in ‘Asambhav’ (2004) and that time, only one Indian agent (Arjun Rampal) was sent to rescue him. Thankfully in Dishoom, we have two agents assigned this duty. Achche din, maybe!!

Dishoom 2 day total worldwide business earning

One is a chain smoking ever-scowling cop Kabir (John Abraham’s face onscreen name) and the other is Junaid (Varun Dhawan), a bhindi bazaar export to Burj Khalifa, as he introduces himself. These two ‘Men in Black’ (they call themselves K and J as a reference to that Hollywood hit) walk in slo-mo around Dubai and roam aimlessly in the fictional Aberdeen – which looks like a single set erected in film city, Goregaon.

Dishoom movie has done good business in the overseas and has earned 3 Cr in UAE and other countries.

Dishoom 2 days collection domestic: 25 Cr approx

Dishoom total worldwide earning: 32 Cr approx in two days

The wafer thin and totally unconvincing plot gives plenty of opportunities for dishoom bishop and admittedly, the action sequences are well executed. On the flipside, female characters are used merely as decorative props – a cricket fan (Nargis Fakhri in a teeny weeny bikini) and a woman turned witness (Jacqueline Fernandez, desperately trying to fit in as one of the main lead) have previous little to do.

Dishoom movie story response

The film moves fast from one crazy situation to another saving the worst for its last….the utterly silly climax. Any positives then? Well, John -Varun strike up a reasonably good chemistry and make a few scenes work with their witty one-liners. And yea, Akshay Kumar in his much publicized “surprise” cameo is simply hilarious. Ditto Satish Kaushik’s phone conversation with Varun.

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Expectedly, it’s Akshaye Khanna, making a comeback of sorts, who once again impresses with his villainous act (after ‘Humraaz’ (2002) and ‘Race’ (2008)). He makes his Wagah, an otherwise half-baked character, truly convincing and engaging.

Contentwise, this Dishoom Chisholm is at best, a bad Abbas Mustan thriller but still, John- Varun’s camaraderie and Akshaye Khanna’s chilling baddie make it just about bearable. We hope that Dishoom 3rd day collection will get more before the previous two days income.