Dangal 9th day collection 2nd Saturday total overseas box office net gross earning

Dangal 9th day collection has earned 20 Cr approx. Not only an engaging entertainer but a movie with a deep and solid premise!! Apart from the characterization or music etc that are more aspects of critical evaluation, what I would want to highlight is the following. Strong positive thoughts and their reaffirmation from time to time pave the way to a rock solid foundation of the mind!! Such a training equips the mind to face challenges, believe in oneself and keep struggling till the goal is achieved. Dangal 2nd Saturday collection has seen some growth of 20% in the theaters. Dangal overseas gross earning already make many records and earned near 400 Cr approx soon dangal movie will surpass the Sultan worldwide collection. We hope that Dangal ninth day collection may make many records because it is the weekend and last day of the 2016 year.

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Dangal 9th day collection report

Also, as shown in the movie, Geeta cannot see ‘papa” in the stadium and the “empty chair” makes her feel nervous.However “papa” swords ( I won’t be with you always… but remember, you have it in you…you can and you will..)reverberate in her mind and in the fraction of a second she gets back her resolve. That is what powerful thoughts can do…….

Dangal 9th day collection: 20 Cr expected

So….what comes out as behavior (action) depends to a great extent on what goes in… from childhood ( as thoughts)!!!

Total Dangal 9 days box office collection

From the perspective of parenting, Mahavir Singh Phogat’s immense belief in the ability of his daughter’s, his conviction that they can win a “gold” for the country, his sacrifice and relentless efforts which are equal, if not more, than his daughters, is also a major takeaway from the movie.

Dangal 9 days box office collection: 236 Cr

A movie that showcases the fact, that women can also be a part of sports like wrestling,( a game that is predominantly supposed to be played by men) is charged with patriotic emotions and along with the soundtrack definitely gives an adrenaline rush…..So, all in all, a must watch the movie for all ages!!!!! Well done Aamir and the Team!!!” We hope that Dangal 10th 11th day box office collection will get more earning.