Dangal 8th day collection total 8 days 2nd friday worldwide box office gross earning

In a year where new heights were scaled by Indian sportswomen in the Olympics, it is only fitting that we end a tumultuous 2016 by celebrating the achievements of our female champions. Sports movies are the flavor of the season and Dangal hits all the right notes with its inspiring story of Mahavir Phogat and how he trained his daughters to become wrestling champs. On the Other hand, Dangal box office collection is making the record from releasing date. Today is Dangal 8th day collection and we are expected that dangal 8th day box office collection 18.59 cr. Dangal 8 days collection in domestic will be 221.23 Cr expected.

Dangal 8th day collection report

1st half – The child actors are charming and all the scenes involving them (especially the actor who played the role of the Phogat sisters’ cousin) are absolutely delightful to watch. Almost every frame in the first half is filled with great humor that will leave you in splits.

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The second half is more poignant, and the interactions between Aamir and his two daughters make you emotionally invested in their characters. I was afraid that after an excellent first half, the second half would be a disappointment, but it moves along beautifully (with the humor intact) to reach the magnificent climax that we all deserved to see.

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Dangal 8th day collection: 18.69 Cr expected

Dangal 8 days overseas gross earning: 340 Cr Expected

Apart from being a motivational movie that touches on the issues of patriarchy and the problems beset with the Indian sporting system (though I don’t think that everyone in the establishment should be tagged as an antagonist ), Dangal is also a massive entertainer that is super fun to watch.

This is one of the best movies of 2016 – be it Hollywood, Bollywood or any other cinema industry. Watch it on the big screen, lest you are filled with regret later on. It is an overwhelming experience to scream and cheer along with an uproarious audience!