Dangal 6th day collection total Wednesday overseas box office earning report

Dangal desperately wants to be feminist, but it isn’t. Sultan at least had no such pretensions. Dangal 6th day box office collection has earned 21.20 Cr. The movie is on the track to break the records at the box office collection. Dangal vs Sultan box office collection is also going trending now.¬†The second half could’ve uplifted the movie to dizzy heights if Geeta would’ve been given some understanding of the sport of her own, not just a robot taking instructions. Or Mahavir and the coach at loggerheads at first and slowly coming together for the greater good. But the desperate need to have Aamir’s Mahavir to be the sole torch bearer made the movie uninteresting and contradictory to its feminist claims.

Dangal 6th Day box office collection report

The movie is most interesting when it casts doubts in Mahavir – whether he is doing right, whether he is still relevant etc. But the movie develops circumstances especially to prove that he is RIGHT all along. It’s not even Mahavir the character lifting himself from doubt to triumph, it’s the contrived screenplay doing the service.

Dangal Wednesday box office earning: 21.20 CR

Dangal worldwide gross earning: 94.54 Cr

Dangal 6 days box office collection: 176.98 Cr

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The movie argues that this country doesn’t provide any aid to sports people, and goes on to show the sports academy useless and irrelevant. Chak De, which does the same (caricatures the academy system), at least gave us 2 memorable characters part of the academy system helping the team. Here we get a coach whose sole existence in the movie is to make Mahavir look good.

2 such average movies, PK and Dangal ripping off the box office and accolades, gives more power to Aamir Khan to keep doing this.