Captain America: Civil War First (1st) Day Box office Collection in India

Today is a great day for all Marvel lovers because our favourite movie civil war has released today in India and yesterday film critics has praised a lot about the film. It’s our duty go out and watch the movie on theater in 3D. Watching this type of film laptop would not be a wise decision unless you have a 3D television. Here we are focusing on the Captain America Civil War first-day collection in Indian Box offices.

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Well, the movie is already doing so well in overseas screens, everybody is happy with the script and Spiderman entry in the film. Friday Box Office Collection of Captain America Civil War is more than expectations. Indian Audience is so excited about the movie. The film has already collected an amount of $261,600,000 US dollars (1742.14 crores INR) Worldwide box office till 6th may 2016 excluding India.

Captain America Civil War (First day) Opening Friday box office collection

This is the time for the film Captain America to collect all its business from South Asia. Because in past The Jungle Book has collected 150+ crores from India itself. It means Captain America can do a huge business from India.

1,600 screens

The film is releasing three special screens Imax 3D, 3D, 2D in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu in India. The language is so important in India because Indian audience is more focused on language instead of anything else in a movie. Moreover, Dubbing is also a real factor for the movie makers because previously Deadpool (Hindi) has collected a large business in India just due to the dubbing team who did all the dubbing from English to Hindi. Yet there is lots of competition for it in India though many other famous movies like One Night Stand, 1920 London, Traffic, 24 The Movie type bigger movies are releasing together on Friday 6th may.

Coming to Indian Box office collection of Captain America Civil War in India is still not verified here. We are finding an official news about the 1st-day box office collection of the film. Becuase its Friday box office it takes a little more time to release the official report about the first-day collection in India.