Captain America Civil War 11th day collection: ‘Civil war’ total box office gross earning

Captain America: Civil war is the biggest movie if this year. This movie is of Marvels comics. Captain America civil war or Captain America 3 is the best heroic movie still yet. Captain America worldwide box office collection is 366.5 million USD, these figures show that craze of this movie. This is an international movie that releases in many languages and in many countries. It has released in India with USA on 6th May 2016. Civil war box office collection in India is also going very great and going to break The Jungle Book Record in India soon. The Jungle Book is going to enter in the 200 Cr club. This is a record of any Hollywood movie that earns in India box office. Here we are sharing Captain America Civil War 11th day collection.

Captain America Civil War 11th day collection

Captain America civil ear now became the high grossing movie in the world after 2012 and Avengers. It is a remarkable achievement for the marvel production house.The second week captain america 3 earning was very impressive and it is more than of The Jungle Book 2 week income. So we are expecting the Captain America civil war second Monday earning would be more than previous Hollywood movie that earns well in India Box office.

Captain America Civil war 11th day collection: 3.52 Cr

Total Captain America civil war 2nd week box office gross earning

Civil war gross earning of the first week was amazing and this movie is still strong at the box office. Here we have @123BoxIndia table that you can get the accurate analytical report of the box office.

DayDateWeek DayIndia (INR)
Premiere5 mayThursday3.32 cr
1st Day6 mayFriday8.53 cr
2nd day7 maySaturday8.79 cr
3rd day8 MaySunday9.81 cr
4th day9 MayMonday4.59 cr
5th day10 MayTuesday4.05 cr
6th day11 MayWednesday3.57 cr
7th day12 MayThursday3.38 cr
8th day13 MaySecond Friday2.02 cr
9th day14 maySecond Sat3.27 cr
10th dat15 maySecond Sun3.56 cr
11th day16 maySecond mon1.44 cr
12th day17 maySecond Tue1.31 cr
13th day18 maySecond Wed1.20 cr
14th day19 maySecond Thu1.11 cr
15th Day20 MayThird Fri35 lacs
16th Day21 MayThird Sat65 lacs
17th Day22 MayThird Sun70 lacs
18th Day23 MayThird Mon26 Lacs
19th Day24 MayThird Tue23 Lacs
20th Day25 MayThird wed23 Lacs
21st Day26 MayThird Thu21 Lacs
TotalIndiaBusiness59.25 cr
IndiaGrossIncome82.30 cr
TotalWorldwideBusiness6617.87 cr ($981M)

Civil War worldwide box office collection

Civil War worldwide collection report is quite impressive and the day is not far when it will break the records by the latest movie “The Jungle Book”. The movie Civil War has already made 366$ million. We hope that 3rd week civil war gross earning will be more than The Jungle Book.