Bridget Jones’s Baby box office collection weekend earning movie review rating & response

Ostensibly weak plot about whose baby it is, Firth or Dempsey? Sounds like a sort of re-run of Three men and a baby/lady, but with Renee Zwelleger whose face is now fixed in one position by plastic surgery so it cannot move and she cannot talk. Hugh Grant could not be persuaded to even appear in this one. Must be terrible…but somehow (allowing for these limitations) it’s a hoot! Now here you can get¬†Bridget Jones’s Baby box office collection report and first weekend worldwide gross earning.

Bridget Jones’s Baby box office collection report

Does the world really need a 3rd installment in the Bridget Jones empire? After seeing this one, I think not. Much has been made of Renee Zellweger’s reconstruction over a 10-year hiatus from the screen and a 15-year hiatus from this role. A shelter, bigger-boobed starlet has arisen out of the mid-fortyish actress, at least from my eyes.

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The prior two rom-com in the franchise Bridget Jones were flamboyant girl-talk of romps in the hay on an almost nightly basis with actors played by the likes of Colin Firth(back as Mark Darcy in this one) and the now lost- in -an- airplane- crash Hugh Grant( how this one opens when she sees her once lover Mark Darcy(Firth)at the funeral for the Hugh Grant character.).

Bridget Jones’s Baby movie review, rating & response by audience

She is now 43, single, working as a producer at a BBC-like TV station feeding words into the ear of a younger, prettier interviewer who is on screen, still has her lovable parents(played by Gemma Jones and Jim Broadbent), and is urged by co-workers to continue boinking one night stands to find Mr. Right. (This gets mighty old by her age and this the 3rd movie in the franchise).

Bridget longs for a meaningful life and her at least tries to be successful at her job, but a female new station manager who is nearly half her age has set everyone in a bit of a hissy fit. She still has a box of condoms (that she ignored the “Sell by. . .” date)in her tiny apartment and finds herself pregnant after a long night with an attractive guy(Patrick Dempsey) at a lollapalooza an office worker took her to one weekend.

Total Bridget Jones’s Baby weekend box office collection

Is it Mark after a post-funeral meeting or the new guy she met at the rock concert in the mud? I’ll let you discover that and the hilarity ensuing at the doctor(played by Emma Thompson, a writer and producer of this segment in the franchise!) Extra popcorn, please. C+