Black Panther Box Office Collection 13th Day Total 2nd Wednesday 12th Day Worldwide Earning

Black Panther Box Office Collection 13th Day 14th Day Total 2nd Thursday 14 Days Worldwide Earning: Another big hit from the Marvel Cinematic Universal has been released on 16 February 2018 worldwide. Black Panther is the superhero film and the eighteenth installment of MCU based on the Marvel comic. The movie is directed by Ryan Coogler and the produced by Kevin Feige. Black Panther box office collection shatters the many records at worldwide. One of the best Marvel movies so far (not the most entertaining, but the best everything else) and definitely worth watching while it’s in theaters. Kill Monger is the best most relatable villain in the MCU by far. In addition, THAT SOUNDTRACK IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AND DEFINITELY, but this is definitely the best soundtrack for a Marvel movie ever. Another thing, there is a chase scene in this movie that is easily the best chase scene ever made, IMO. Definitely one of the greatest wins for Marvel. Now, on to Infinity War. Check Black Panther box office collection. Here we have Black Panther Thirteenth day and Fourteenth day overseas gross earning report. You please also read Black Panther movie reviews, ratings, and audience response.

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Latest Update: Thu previews + Fri 5.60 cr, Sat 6.65 cr, Sun 7.10 cr, Mon 3.27 cr, Tue 2.69 cr, Wed 2.36 cr. Total: ₹ 27.67 cr Nett BOC… Gross BOC: ₹ 35.47 cr. India biz… Note: Hindi + English.

Black Panther Box Office Collection 3rd Day Total Sunday 4th Day Worldwide Earning

Black Panther Box Office Collection

The reviews of the Black Panther movie is amazing all around the world. The movie has great fight sequence and amazing VFX scenes. Chadwick Boseman has done amazing work as Black Panther in the movie and promised that this is just starting of the Black Panther and it continues in the Avenger Infinity War movie. The budget of the Black Panther movie is around $200 Million and the screen counts in India are 700+ approx. Get Black Panther DAY 13 Kamai collection report. Here we have daywise Black Panther box office collection in the following data.

Black Panther Thursday preview collection: 3.50 Cr

Black Panther 1st day collection (Friday): 5.60 Cr

Black Panther 2nd day collection (Saturday): 6.65 Cr

Black Panther 3rd day collection (Sunday): 7.10 Cr

Black Panther 4th day collection (Monday): 3.27 Cr

Black Panther 5th day collection (Tuesday): 2.69 Cr

Black Panther 6th day collection (Wednesday): 2.36 Cr

Black Panther 7th day collection (Thursday): 2.10 Cr

Black Panther 8th day collection (2nd Friday): 2 Cr

Black Panther 9th day collection (2nd Saturday): 1.90 Cr

Black Panther 10th day collection (2nd Sunday): 1.70 Cr

Black Panther 11th day collection (2nd Monday): 1 Cr

Black Panther 12th day collection (2nd Tuesday): 90 L

Black Panther 13th day collection (2nd Wednesday): 85 L

Black Panther 14th day collection (2nd Thursday): 80 L

Black Panther Total 13 days box office collection (Second week): 55.26 Cr Expected

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Total Black Panther Thirteenth Day 2nd Wednesday Overseas Gross Earning

This movie gets you pumped. Its craftsmanship is incredible, in cinematography, script, plot, soundtrack, and casting among all else. The world building and character design are top notched as Wakanda and the Wakandians are fully realized like a truly, breathing country and culture. Chadwick is, as always, phenomenal, and Killmonger is a great villain with actual intentions, definitely up there with Marvel’s greats. There are a lot of great, lovable side characters that easily shines with the main characters, and you can truly tell this has the potential to be one of the greatest franchises ever. Get Black Panther worldwide box office collection report.

Total Black Panther 12 Days 2nd Tuesday worldwide collection: $740 Million

Black Panther Movie Reviews, Ratings, Audience Response, Hit or Flop

Black Panther movie review: Black Panther has achieved what no other superhero/action movie has done: Each and every character had a nuanced, complex motivation that you could understand, relate to, and empathize with. Every. Single. One. You may definitely agree or disagree with them, but you know their hearts. To simply call Killmonger a “villain” is just reductive and shallow. Calling him the best “villain” is not the discussion that we should have (although he totally beats Loki hands down, if you have to ask). He had the most beautiful and heartbreaking line in the movie, and Michael B. Jordan is phenomenal.

T’Challa’s growth as a leader and as a person was also the most organic development I’ve witnessed. If you think that Chadwick Boseman was “outshone” by the other characters, I think we’re just not used to seeing other supporting characters—especially female characters like Nakia and Okoye—being fully developed. They were all fantastic.

Black Panther Box Office Collection 3rd Day Total Sunday 4th Day Worldwide Earning

Black Panther was a wealth of perspectives; a true ensemble masterpiece. I think Sterling K Brown’s goal in life as an actor is to make everybody cry (He’s in This is Us and American Crime Story). Just seeing him makes me so emotional. God, e’s barely in the movie but all his scenes had such incredible weight.

Black Panther Rating: 4/5 stars

Black Panther Hit or Flop: Hit

Black Panther was also an interestingly self-critical and self-reflective movie. We expected “Wakanda is amazing!!!” but it was also very determined to confront its own history of isolation and excess. We hope that Black Panther box office collection will surely break many records at BOC worldwide. Black Panther India box office collection also get an amazing start on its first weekend. Let’s hope for the best. For more interesting entertainment stuff please stay with us.