Bigg Boss 10 Winner Manveer Gurjar Win BB10 Season Bani & Lupa are Runner up

Bigg Boss 10 Winner name Grand Finale episode Who Will Win BB10 Season Runner-upSomeone has said that A Bad popularity is a popularity. So if you fail to become popular even after your so many attempts, then do something controversial and become popular by gaining a bad name. it seems this policy has been adopted by the famous and controversial show Bigg Boss. The show has been in limelight since its first season for the iconic fights, steamy pool scenes and cat fights!! Every season there had been some or other twist in the Bigg Boss house to keep the entertainment Quotient high. This year for the tenth season a unique concept was taken. For the first time, commoners were also made the contestants along with celebrities in the Bigg Boss 10 winner House. Out of total 14 contestants, there were 7 commoners and 7 celebrities. Their names are as follow:

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1 Rahul Dev – Model/Actor
2 Gaurav Chopra – TV Actor
3 Lopamudra Raut – Former Miss India
4 Bani J – VJ/Actor
5 Karan Mehra – TV Actor
6 Rohan Mehra – TV Actor
7 Mona Lisa – Bhojpuri Actor
8 Manveer Gurjar
9 Manu Punjabi
10 Nitibha Kaul
11 Naveen Prakash
12 Lokesh Kumari
13 Priyanka Jagga
14 Swami Om

Bigg Boss 10 Winner name Grand Finale episode Who Will Win BB10 Season Runner up

Bigg Boss 10 winner name

All the contestants had some or other strength and weakness. The most controversial of all the contestants were Priyanka Jagga and Swami om. Both were thrown out of the shown for their ugly fights, tantrums and misbehaving with other contestants as well the host of the show Salman Khan.

Bigg boss 10 winner: Manveer Gurjar

Bigg Boss 10 first runner up: Bani J

Bigg boss 10 second runner-up: Lupamudra Raut

Bigg Boss 10 Finalist runner-up name

The tenth season Bigg Boss 10 or BB 10 is about to come to an end. The journey of more than 100 days is about to see its destination with the announcement of the winner. After all the rant, since the show is coming to an end so everyone is more interested in knowing the name of the winner. Right now there are four contestants left in the show: Let’s- Manveer Gurjar, Manu Punjabi, Bani J and Lopamudra Raut. Out of these four who will emerge out as the winner is the most searched question. All the four contestants are very strong and have their own fan followiLet’sanalyse the chances of winning of each contestant:-

Bigg Boss 10 Winner name Grand Finale episode Who Will Win BB10 Season Runner up

Bigg Boss 10 Grand finale Episode written Updates

1. Manveer Gurjar – He has already showed his power and strenth in one of the task in which he and Manu Punjabi were out in a mall and convinced people to give votes for them so that one of them can reach the finale. manveer won this competition by 150 votes which simply showed his popularity among the audience specially girls!!! Manveer had also shown his physical strength by winning the task for his team by standing for four and a half hours while opponent team was throwing hot as well chilled water on him so that he may give up.

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Bigg Boss 10 Winner name Grand Finale episode Who Will Win BB10 Season Runner up

2. Bani J – Bani J had been a very strange personality since meaning. She is an icon among the girls who want to remain fit and simply want to follow their choices. Bani’s abs and tattoos are a symbol of independence. She depicts the unconventional, independent, strong and a carefree girl. She had come so far even when she had no friend or support after the eviction of her only friend Gaurav Chopra. Out of all recently she defeated Rohan Mehra in the recent eviction. Rohan Mehra is a very popular TV actor who has a big fan following. But Bani’s victory shows that he fan following is bigger than him!! Bani has 100% potential to malke bigg boss 10 winner of this season.

3. Manu Punajbi – He is one of the strongest contender of the show who has been consistent in his behavious and strategy. Manu has always tried to win the task for himself or for his best buddy Manveer. He has not only given his heart and soul to the Bigg Boss 10 House but also to his best mates Manveer and Mona Lisa. Although Manu lost the popularity task to Manveer but that does not make him any weaker than the other contenders.

4. Lopamudra Raut – The bold and beautiful Lopamudra had always ensured that she is in some or other controversy always. She had always picked up some or other fight with some or other housemate be it Priyanka Jagga, Swami Om, Bani J or even his best friend Rohan Mehra. She puts her point very strongly even if it is not correct. her confidence of being number one makes her stand out in the crowd.

BB 10 winner prize money

As per our prediction and the above analysis, we believe that the VJ Bani will become the winner of the Bigg Boss 10 or BB 10. Manveer Gurjar will be the first runner-up as per our prediction and Manu Punjabi will be the second runner up. Bani J has been underestimated in the house as being a Roadie she has never won any task, did not merge with the people well and was criticized for not compromising with her food.No one had ever thought that Bani can win over Rohan Mehra by a good number of votes. India be ready to be shocked by vJ Bani’s win. Soon you will get Bigg boss 10 winner leaked name.