Banjo 2nd day collection total 2 days box office worldwide earning Saturday income

Banjo movie is the first solo movie of the Ritesh Deshmukh. It is a big movie for him. Banjo movie is a musical drama movie in which Ritesh is a musician of unique Banjo instrument. Banjo 1st day collection is 1.72 Cr and Banjo 2nd day collection would be good from the previous day. We hope Banjo box office collection may be a collect good collection after this poor start at the box office.

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Banjo 2nd day collection 1st Saturday report

Mikey an Anglo-Indian is seen holding a mike to record the sounds of Mumbai in various places he is searching for a music theme he can send to his friend in New York.
Chris (Nargis Fakhri) is a music student in New York and wants to enter a competition where she has to send two new songs and she is looking for a unique sound a band who she could team up with.

Banjo 2nd day box office collection: 2.50 Cr expected

Mikey finds Taraat (Ritiesh Deshmukh) and his gang of boys who play the roadside banjo playing a super awesome crowd enthralling song for Ganpati, he sends the recording to Chris who loves it and she comes down to Mumbai to search for the band who resides in a slum. Though she incidentally finds Taraat and yet she doesn’t know he is the banjo guy she is looking for as he is ashamed to tell her that he is a slum dwelling roadside banjo player. After she finds him the journey They go through the ups and downs on the way to superstardom is the rest of the movie.

Banjo 2 days box office collection

What’s Good – Riteish Deshmukh who I have always felt is a good actor getting his dues in this film as the solo lead in which he does full justice to the role given to him.
Nargis Fakhri looks as beautiful as ever and dishes out a passable acting performance, in fact, her best till date and also proves she is more than just a pretty fair and lovely face and a hot body.

Banjo 2 days total earning: 4.50 Cr approx

Banjo 3rd day & 1st weekend business report

Dancer Dharmesh Yelande (Dharmesh sir ) as the drummer gives a solid acting performance in a nondancing role. The Music of the film by Vishal and Shekhar is quite good and most of the songs are hummable and 2 super hit.  You will start respecting slum dwellers and street musicians a bit more after watching this movie.

Banjo 3rd day collection: 3 Cr prediction

Banjo 1st weekend box office: 7 Cr approx

What’s Bad- Director Ravi Jadhav has done some really shoddy direction and lets the pace of the slowly and literally at a snail’s pace in the second half. And the abrupt surprise shocking climax was unforgivable. The screenplay was very badly written and the movie tends to lag very badly after the interval.

Verdict – A very nice movie with a rock theme good acting performances but badly let down by the poor screenplay and over editing.