Tamil Bairavaa movie teaser official trailer poster look & box office collection prediction

Theri star Vijay is on the seventh sky with a high demand for the theatrical rights of his upcoming film Bairavaa to be released in 2017. Tamil superstar Vijay is in high demand right after the massive success of his previous movie Theri released in April 2016. Now Vijay is working on the movie Bairavaa movie which is scheduled to release in 2017. As the production house approached the distributors for the theatrical rights, everyone was dying to bet on this black horse. It is a big thing for any South Indian movie that the name of the actor is enough to sell the movie.

Bairavaa movie official trailer reviews response

The first look of the movie Bairavaa is quite interesting with Vijay wearing a three-piece suit and boarding a decorated rickshaw. The movie poster creates curiosity among the viewers. The suspense extends as the storyline of the movie has not been revealed yet. The first teaser of Bairavaa is to be released on 29th October, the day before Diwali. The audio launch will take place in the month of November (2nd week) and the first official trailer will be released in the month of January (1st week).

Bairavaa box office collection prediction

Check the Bairavaa box office prediction.

Bairavaa 1st day box office collection: 10 Cr

Bairavaa 2nd day collection: 11 Cr

Bairavaa 3rd day collection: 12 Cr

Vijay must be feeling really pressurized now seeing his demand among the film distributors.We hope this pressure only motivates him to do better!!!

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