‘Baahubali 2’ Tamil Nadu theatrical rights sold in 45 cr

Most Awaited south India upcoming film Baahubali: The conclusion’ rights are sold for Rs 45 crore in Tamil Nadu theater. Baahubali 2 film is scheduled to be completed soon and the audience is eagerly awaiting its release and Baahubali the conclusion movie trailer.

Said a source from the film unit, “the movie theater right in Tamil Nadu have been sold at Rs 45 crore. Buyers of the information has not been shared yet, because the producers do not want to make it public now but we will share this new soon officially. ”

Baahubali 2 movie earn 45 cr before release

The climax of the film to be released next year, is still shooting. The source said, “The shooting of the film will be shown in the climax of the battle, of which around half an hour’s time. The fight scene in the first film to be shown is big and exciting than war. ”

R S. Rana directed Rajamuli Dggubati, Prabhas, Ramya Krishnan, Tamanna Bhatia and Anushka Shetty are in the lead role.