B.A. Pass 2 Box Office Collection 2nd Day- 3rd Day Total 2 Days Earning Report


B.A. Pass 2 Box Office Collection 2nd Day 3rd Day Total Worldwide Earning Report: – B.A. Pass 2 is an upcoming Bollywood movie which involves hell lot of a drama which seems kinda realistic to me, which is going to be released on 15th September 2015 over the globe and people are eagerly waiting for its release and wanna see what more boldness is brought up by our cool stars and the director this time. B.A. Pass 2 is the sequel of B.A. Pass which was based on a very bold concept of the man whore, which prevails in some evil parts of the high and rich class society. Well, this movie is gonna be somewhat like bad decisions only taken by a girl to avoid marriage and achieve her goals of life. To know more about B.A. Pass 2 Box Office Collection total worldwide income report, stay tuned to us. We are also gonna be providing you B.A. Pass 2 second and third day box office collections here only.

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B.A. Pass 2 Box Office Collection
B.A. Pass 2 Box Office Collection

B.A. Pass 2 Box Office Collection

B.A. Pass 2 casts Kritika Sachdeva, Indraneil Sengupta, Shubhangi Latkar, Sasho Satiiysh Saarathy, and Saurabh Dubey. This movie is written as well as directed by Shadab Khan and produced by Narendra Singh. We are going to be providing you with B.A. Pass 2 Day Wise Total Box Office Collection, below:

B.A. Pass 2 1st Day Box Office Collection (Friday): 2.35 Crores

B.A. Pass 2 2nd Day Box Office Collection (Saturday): 2.98 Crores

B.A. Pass 2 3rd Day Box Office Collection (Sunday): 2.67 Crores

B.A. Pass 2 Total Box Office Collection (Opening Weekend): 7 Crores

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B.A. Pass 2 movie opening weekend income

B.A. Pass 2 is an upcoming Bollywood drama flick which seems like a very bold one like its prequel. This movie revolves around a girl, who left her hometown to achieve her big goals and avoid the constant pressure of getting married from her parents, got stuck in some bad world, adopted all those crazy and bad habits which are enough to destroy your life. I don’t understand one simple thing that why people try such crazy things just for fun which they already know will gradually turn into a killing habit, from which one even can’t get rid of. We all know that there are two paths to achieve success, one is right, whereas the other one is wrong and obviously the right one requires a lot of hard work, but normally people choose the wrong one. This wrong path rarely gives success, but usually, it just ruins you to the core. So, this movie teaches us to choose the right path, that is, hard work for success, not the easy one.

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I kinda liked the concept of this movie and found it somewhat realistic also, which happens with a lot of people, ruining not only their lives but destroys the whole family. So, I would like to give this movie a 2.5/5 rating for its content, music, boldness, direction, star cast and all the hard work put in by the whole cast and crew of the movie. Hope you all go out and have a pinch of boldness this weekend with your loved ones. Do like, share, comment below and share your views with us…