Telugu Avasaraniko Abaddam box office collection 1st day earning| Review| Rating

This week is the week of variety for the Telugu audience, with three releases together on 26th August 2016 and each of the three movies from a different zone. We are talking about 100 days of Love collection, Banthi Poola Janaki collection, and Avasaraniko Abaddam box office collection. Avasaraniko Abaddam is a horror movie whereas 100 Days of Love is a romantic flick and Banthi Poola Janaki is a comedy thriller movie. Avasaraniko Abaddam 1st day collection will better for this horror movie.

Avasaraniko Abaddam
Directed by Suresh KV
Produced by Vijay
Suresh KV & Friends
Written by Suresh KV
Starring Lokesh
Music by Sai Kartheek
Cinematography Venkataramana
Edited by Karthik Srinivas
Chakram Creations
Release dates
  • August 26, 2016
Country India
Language Telugu


Avasaraniko Abaddam box office collection report

Avasaraniko Abaddam is a story of 4 friends who decide to go for an outing in the haunted Dandimala forests. The group of 3 boys and a girl are unaware of what are they going to witness in their trip. They are warned by the villagers but they don’t listen. As they enter the limits of the Dandimala forest, they are constantly followed by a small horrifying girl ( or ghost??). While they are struggling to understand what is happening to them, one of them dies and police team also creeps in. The suspense keeps on building throughout the movie.

first day Avasaraniko Abaddam box office collection: 6 cr expected

Avasaraniko Abaddam movie review and rating

The strong script, good cinematography, perfect location and time appropriate scenes have made a good film overall. Avasaraniko Abaddam is not any other horror movie which is generally overstuffed with unnecessary adult scenes and scary cum funny ghost masks and faces. The movie has interesting twists, turns, shocks and surprises. The movie has been rated as 3 out of 5 which makes the movie one time watch at least.