ATBB “24” Movie 14 Days (2 Weeks) Worldwide Box office Collection Report

Tamil, Telugu film by Suriya an all time blockbuster movie is still earning such handsome income daily from the box office, and recent news from behind Woods confirm that the film got rank 1 in Chennai for maximum box office collection till 2016. The film 24 is in its second week end and has collected 123+ crores worldwide. The Film 24 is also getting good business from North America and Canada. The first ten days collection of the movie from Chennai itself was 3.84 crores from box office only. Recently We at 123bocIndia also published each state box office income in its last report here.

24 The Movie has Covered the total box office collection of 80 crores from Worldwide screens and Including the Distributors revenue in it to calculate the Gross Income or Total Business of 24 Film the Total Worldwide Gross Business becomes 123 crores.

Let’s have a look at the earlier 14 days income from each state and each week business thoroughly.

Tamil Nadu: 40 crores

Andhra Pradesh/Telangana Business: 30 crores

Karnataka: 9 crores

Kerala: 13 crores

Other Parts of India: Rs. 2.46 crores

North America/Canada: Rs. 10.74 cr

Other Parts of World: 27.17 cr

Worldwide Business: 123.07 cr

The movie crossed the record of many bigger movies but Next Month RajniKant’s Kabali is releasing which may pass the Baahubali (2015) Total Box office collection of 600 crores Worldwide. But this 24 has little guts to reach 200 crores worldwide. But it’s only two weeks passed, and still the movie has lots of time till the Release of Kabali.

The earlier 14 days box office Record of the film is such that like below chart table. We are maintaining it from very first day of the movie. Even the Thursday premiere is also recorded in our table. The video total box office collection is all mention in below chart. However, the Gross income includes the Box office collection plus distributors income.

DayDateWeek DayIndia (INR)USA/Canada (INR)
Premiere5 mayThursday4.06 cr1.9 cr
1st Day6 mayFriday12.05 cr2.2 cr
2nd day7 maySaturday13.53 cr2.84 cr
3rd day8 MaySunday14.67 cr1.73 cr
4th day9 MayMonday10.78 cr24 lacs
5th day10 MayTuesday8.69 cr19 lacs
6th day11 MayWednesday9.78 cr40 lacs
7th day12 MayThursday8.35 cr69 lacs
8th day13 MaySecond Friday8.10 cr34 lacs
9th Day14 MaySecond Sat7.91 cr41 lacs
10th Day15 MaySecond Sun8.0 cr56 lacs
11th Day16 MaySecond Mon7.14 cr36 lacs
12th Day17 MaySecond Tue7.32 cr30 lacs
13th Day18 MaySecond Wed6.49 cr26 lacs
14th Day19 MaySecond Thu6.54 cr29 lacs
15th Day20 MaySecond Fri6.11 cr34 lacs
16th Day21 MaySecond Sat26 lacs
17th Day22 MaySecond sun27 lacs
TotalBox officeBusiness86.65 Cr10.82 cr
GrossIncome24 Movie123.24 cr29 cr (Overseas)

What’s your opinion on the “24 Total Box Office Collection” Report? How Much will it cover in next two weeks? The Earlier hit by 2D Banners was Theri which totally collected 112 crores worldwide