Arjun Reddy Box Office Collection 15th Day-16th Day Total Worldwide Earning


Arjun Reddy Box Office Collection 15th Day-16 Day Total Worldwide Earning Report: – Arjun Reddy is an amazing Telugu Drama flick which released on 25th August 2017 over the globe and people are going nuts due to its intense storyline and amazing direction. This movie is gaining lots of attention due to being surrounded by lots of controversies due to political issues related to its bold concept and many people fighting over it. But this movie is already a hit and people are loving its story and the reality it showcasing of our cruel society against intercaste marriage. To get more info regarding Arjun Reddy Box Office Collection Total Worldwide Earning Report, stay connected to us. We are also gonna provide you Arjun Reddy fifteenth day box office collection report.

Latest Report Arjun Reddy overseas WW gross earningArjun Reddy USA box office (all in $’s): The:195k Fri:265k Sat:321k Sun:88k (as of 2 pm est) Total:870k

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Arjun Reddy Box Office Collection
Arjun Reddy Box Office Collection

Arjun Reddy Box Office Collection

Arjun Reddy casts Vijay Deverakonda and Shalini Pandey in the main roles. This movie is written as well as directed by Sandeep Vanga, produced by Pranay Vanga under the banner of Bhadrakali Picture. Arjun Reddy fourth Day Collection will also suprise for the box office experts. Arjun Reddy USA Box office is going very well. We are providing you with Arjun Reddy Day Wise Collection below:

Arjun Reddy 1st Day Box Office Collection (Friday): 5.8 Crores

Arjun Reddy 2ndDay Box Office Collection (Saturday): 6.9 Crores

Arjun Reddy 3rd Day Box Office Collection (Sunday): 7.5 Crores

Arjun Reddy 4th Day collection (Monday): 2 Cr

Arjun Reddy 5th Day Collection (Tuesday): 2.01 Cr

Arjun Reddy 6th Day Collection (wednesday): 1.02 cr

Arjun Reddy 7th Day Collection (Thursday): 1.07 cr

Arjun Reddy 8th Day Collection (2nd friday): 1.05 cr

Arjun Reddy 9th Day Collection (2nd sarurday): 1 cr

Arjun Reddy 10th Day Collection (2nd sunday): 1.50 cr

Arjun Reddy 11th Day Collection (2nd Monday): 90 cr

Arjun Reddy 12th Day Collection (2nd Tuesday): 75 lakhs

Arjun Reddy 13th Day Collection (2nd Wednesday): 60 lakhs

Arjun Reddy 14th Day Collection (2nd thursday): 55 lakhs

Arjun Reddy 15th Day Collection (3rd friday): 80 lakhs

Arjun Reddy 16th Day Collection (3rd saturday): 70 lakhs

Arjun Reddy Total 15 Days WW Collection: 32.2 Cr Approx

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Arjun Reddy USA WW gross earning

Arjun Reddy is a Telugu Drama movie which is kinda seemed very realistic to me. This movie revolves around a guy named Arjun Reddy who is a Surgeon as well as a teacher but is an alcoholic, drug and sex addict as well as have major anger issues also. His extreme nature is famous all over the campus and people are kinda scared of him too. So, he fell in love with first year fresher, whose father opposes their marriage. Due to this and his rising anger, he takes the high dose of drugs and becomes unconscious for some days. In the meanwhile, His girlfriend got married to some other guy and he loses everything. Taking his broken heart, Arjun leaves his people and drowns himself in drugs and alcohol.

Arjun Reddy 15 Days total Income: 30 Cr Approx.

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This movie kinda shows the reality of our society, like people opposing the intercaste marriage. I just have one question to such people, what’s the point of getting your kids married to a person belonging to the same case if they don’t love each other??? It will only give rise to sadness, the sorrow which will only turn into hatred towards each other over the time. Which even turns our coming generations hate the concept of marriage. Marriage is a beautiful relationship which can only prosper if there are love and faith, which nourishes the relationship as well as both the families and people belonging to the couple over time, spreads love and happiness. Instead of making religion a hurdle, we must understand that all the religions are same and teach love also, then, why do we oppose love only making religion as are weapon??? I request you all to understand this, before it’s too late and give you pain only in the future…

This Arjun Reddy teaches us a great lesson of life and Arjun Reddy box office collection is also too good beyond the expectation, So, I would like to give this a rating of 4/5 for its bold concept, amazing direction, cool music, heart touching dialogues and reality behind the story and the message it spreads in the world. Hope you all go out and enjoy this amazing movie. Do like, share, comment and share your reviews with us…