Telugu Antham movie box office collection, review & public response

Telugu crime-thriller movie Antham movie is released on 8th July 2016 and was tested by the public. Antham stars Charan Deep, Rashmi Gautham and Vasu Dev in the main leads. Charan Deep and Rashmi have played the role of a romantic and happily married couple, whereas Vasudev has played the role of a stranger who had kidnapped Rashmi. This stranger then keeps threatening Charandeep to follow his instructions if he wants his wife alive. The stranger asks husband to execute certain risky tasks which include handling dangerous people and getting hold of a black bag!! The movie answers all the questions about the black bag, identity of the stranger, why was Charandeep chosen by the stranger to complete his mission and what happens to Rashmi who is abducted by the stranger!!!

Antham movie box office collection report

The story line of the movie gives a great impression of a crime thriller. The movie lives upto some of the expectation. But due to weak cinematography and script, audience lose their interest after the initiation of tasks instructed by the stranger!!! The movie is full of intimate and romantic scenes between husband and wife. Comedian Sudarshan’s talent was overused than being used. Even the actress was portrayed like a less important character through out the movie but the climax suggested something else.

Antham box office collection till date: 12 Cr


Antham movie reviews by audience

Rashmi was given more of glamorous scenes than the actual performance scenes. The audience gave a rating of 2 out of 5 to the movie Antham. A good thriller concept was ruined by the weak direction and a pre-poned Climax!!