Aiyaary Box Office Collection 13th Day Total 14th Day Second Wednesday 14 Days Worldwide Earning

Aiyaary Box Office Collection 13th Day 14th Day Total 2nd Wednesday 14 Days Worldwide Earning Report: Aiyaary is a crime thriller movie which is directed by Niraj Pandey who always make this kind of movie. The movie is released on 16th February 2018 into the theaters. Aiyaary box office collection gets a slow start but getting mix reviews. Aiyaary is a fantastic movie. Manoj Bajpai always a classic actor and just fits into his role. This movie reminds us of the Adarsh scam and all the other defense scams that rocked the country from time to time and of course, I am reminded of the huge breaking story in a particular English language daily two years ago about a possible military coup and of troops stationed near Delhi in an “unscheduled” exercise. What a great way to unwind after a hard day of listening to election bickering. Check Aiyaary box office collection from here. Here we have Aiyaary Thirteenth day and Fourteenth day collection earning report. Get Aiyaary movie reviews and audience response

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Latest Update:Aiyaary – OVERSEAS – Total till 25 Feb 2018: $ 1.36 million [₹ 8.81 cr].

Aiyaary Box Office Collection 3rd Day Total 4th Day Sunday 3 Days Worldwide Earning

Aiyaary Box Office Collection

Aiyaary is a great film to watch out for. Wonderful acting from all the actors, Manoj Bajpayee performed a stand out masterclass act and this film is a complete family entertainer with a couple of curvy twists which will make you squirm. Neeraj Pandey delivers a knockout punch with Aiyaary. Finally, Bollywood can have it’s very own #MissionImpossible kind of a franchise. Manoj Bajpayee and Sidharth Malhotra are absolutely brilliant to watch. Rakul P Singh looks stunning opposite Sidharth. despite a few goof-ups, how Pandey handles complex subplots and a plethora of characters is commendable. Here is an intelligent espionage thriller that deserves to be watched. Aiyaary movie audience occupancy is below average on its first weekend. Get Aiyaary DAY 14 earning report from here. Aiyaary movie budget is around 65 Cr approx and the Aiyaary movie screen counts are in India: 1754 / 6291 shows Per Day, Overseas: 396 / 39 countries. Get daywise Aiyaary box office collection from here.

Aiyaary 1st day collection (Friday): 3.36 Cr

Aiyaary 2nd day collection (Saturday): 4.04 Cr

Aiyaary 3rd day collection (Sunday): 4.30 Cr

Aiyaary 4th day collection (Monday): 1.43 Cr

Aiyaary 5th day collection (Tuesday): 1.10 Cr

Aiyaary 6th day collection (Wednesday): 97 L

Aiyaary 7th day collection (Thursday): 88 L

Aiyaary 8th day collection (2nd Friday): 97 L

Aiyaary 9th day collection (2nd Saturday): 91 L

Aiyaary 10th day collection (2nd Sunday): 89 L

Aiyaary Total 14 days box office collection (Second Week): 9 Cr Expected

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Total Aiyaary Thirteenth Day 2nd Wednesday Overseas Gross Earning

Aiyaary is a film that works as a dramatic thriller but only intermittently. Pandey builds the first hour with enough character detailing which has been the signature of his narrative. However, in this film, the storytelling comes across as choppy & indulgent. There are too many open-ended sequences, like the interval point, which Pandey joins in the film’s last act. Alas! It’s too late by then to modulate the opinion about the movie. Siddharth & Manoj are very good in their parts. Rest all also lend support that counts and sinks the ship from drowning fully. It’s a watchable film, but only in bits & pieces. Check Aiyaary worldwide box office collection report from here.

Total Aiyaary 14 days 2nd Thursday worldwide box office collection: 9 Cr Expected

Aiyaary Movie Reviews, Ratings and Audience Response, Hit or Flop

Aiyaary movie review: Aiyaary movie is worth the watch ONLY for those 15 min roles of Naseeruddin Shah as building watchman. It’s at the end of the script. Never discount the power of the humble street man who is pushed by the corrupt greedy people. Can rock the boat when pushed to corner on his losing the job and his favorite dog. Not expected Neeraj Pandey who made the finest on Wednesday, Special 26 and MS Dhoni likes for making this crap Bond-like film. Patriotism comes naturally to Defence people. It’s in their DNA.But the script and dialogue were rather too stretched and loud Then with romance and song was so filmy nonsense. Okay, the crook of arms dealer is there and Army Intelligence too. It was just a flat beer. Faujis will feel insulted perhaps.

Aiyaary Box Office Collection 3rd Day Total 4th Day Sunday 3 Days Worldwide Earning

Surprised to see Adil Hussain accepting such a role of global arms mafia with sci-fi gadget based in London. The story concept is very unique & fresh. Manoj Bajpayee steals the show with his stellar performance. Siddharth is also brilliant. But lengthy run-time & fast screenplay disappointed us. Despite Aiyaary box office kamai gets a slow start. It can get good income worldwide.

Aiyaary Rating– 3.5/5

“Aiyaary”, a superb movie by Niraj Pandey. Whoever has liked Holiday & Baby, is going to like it too! In a sense, it’s even better! We hope that Aiyaary box office collection will get surely huge earning in overseas. For more movie reviews please stay tuned with us.