Aandavan kattalai 6th day box office collection total 7 days 1st week worldwide earning

Aandavan kattalai is a brilliant film which showcased a reality of fake certificate agents, middlemen in government offices to get documents. Film also delivered a message as ” Do not believe agents to get government documents”. It is a good entertainer too. Very good, entertaining, message-oriented passport drama. Check Aandavan kattalai 6th day box office collection from here.

Gandhi (VJS) is a middle-class jobless man from Madurai. Gandhi and Pandit (yogi babu) are close friends. They are trying to go abroad to earn money. By using the fake passport agent,they are getting the passport. Gandhi is forced to give a fake wife name in Passport. They created a name Karmeghakuzhali as Gandhi’s wife. Rithika has the same name.She is working as a reporter.

Aandavan kattalai 6th day collection: 1.12 Cr approx

Yogi babu got a visa and go abroad. VJs’ visa application was denied. He got an accountant job in Nasser’s drama company. VJs became a manager in Nasser’s drama company. Nasser’s drama selected in London drama festival. Since his master won’t like fraudulent activities,VJs is trying to remove his wife name from Passport.

From there story picks up. Will Hrithik help VJs to remove the name from Passport? What r the issues in getting govt documents? Are middlemen and agents really help people? What happens to yogi babu? Is there any love story between Hrithik and VJs ?

Total Aandavan kattalai 6 days collection 1st Wednesday earning

Aandavan kattalai movie 6 days collection is 12 Cr approx. Aandavan kattalai overseas collection is around 4 Cr approx.

To find an answer, go and watch this brilliant film in theaters. Kill piracy.


* First credit to the story writer Arul chez hi yan and the screenplay writers Manikandan, anucharan. They should be appreciated for this message-oriented script. It is really easy to convey a message through dialogues. The message was displayed in the name credits itself. “Do not believe agents and middlemen in government offices to get documents”.

* I should thank Manikandan. We get a new feel after watching really good films. I’m sure he will direct much more good films. He is really good in handling complex issues in a simple manner.  The audience will love his unique presentation.

*Vijay set hu pathy, rithik, and yogi babu is the backbones of this film. What an actor Vijay set hu path is? He fits in every character. There are the lot of variations in this film too. As a middle-class jobless brother, as a sincere accountant,as a good friend, as a romantic lover, as a Sri Lankan dumb refugee. He showcased his brilliant acting skills. Rithika has acting portions in 2nd half. She rocked it once again. I loved her expressions in the climax.

* Music director K An innovative music approaches for this film. He used different sounds in drama scenes and emotional scenes. Songs r in sync with the story.

* Cameraman Shanmugam Sundaram and editor Anu charan has done a neat job.

* Excellent casting,starts from VJs’ sister and dir Venkatesh role,Nasser,a guy acted as VJs’ Srilankan refugee friend, a signal puli, rithvika’s mother role,house owner role. Everyone has given their best for the film. Pooja devariya is underplayed. She deserves more.

* Yogi babu excels in both comedy and emotional scenes. His one liners,body language comedy scenes received applause from the audience.

* Brilliant screenplay and presentation. Film has superb dialogues too..

* Climax is not convincing, but I really liked lead pair’s acting in the climax. It was beautiful. A new film can be shot by using the lovable chemistry between VJs and rithika, sooo cute.


* Film’s pace is a real issue here. The movie is running in a slow manner. VJs tried to convince rithika for applying fake divorce.  Those scenes and court scenes are repetitive and boring.

*We know that yogi babu is an illiterate village man..VJs studied accounts. He easily found his manager’s forgery. They clearly know that they r getting fake passports and visa. Then how come they believed that agent Kumar? Few logical loopholes are there in the abroad plan.

* Climax was commercialized. Director compromises the story for a happy ending. Rithika’s character and the buildup created throughout the movie were shattered in the climax. VJs forged her as a dumb refugee. How come she accepts his love proposal within a second? It is really hard to accept this .