A Flying Jatt 6th day collection Tuesday total box office earning & income

A Flying Jatt‘ it is an old English adage and you may want to follow that before flying into the theaters to watch Remo Fernandes directed ‘A Flying Jatt.’ A flying jatt 6th day collection got earned well income at the box office. A superhero film with Indian sensibilities, Tiger Shroff is quite awkward in the title role. His thin frame doesn’t really suit the look of Superhero. Think of Hanumanji (the first real superhero), Superman, Batman or even our first Hindi film superhero, Krish. But there is an endearing sincerity about him and you grow to like him as the movie unfolds.

A flying jatt 6th day collection Tuesday income

Amrita Singh is the loud, aggressive, emotional Punjabi mother (typical film stereotype), Kay Kay Menon plays the greedy villain and looks quite out of his usual depth in this paper. Jacqueline Fernandes as the hero’s love interest comes across as very dumb- and I don’t mean mute. She looks older than Tiger and their chemistry isn’t happening. Gaurav Pandey who plays Tiger’s brother does a good job . Also adding to the action is the tall Nathan Jones, who turns into a super villain to the superhero. His scenes are interesting but don’t create any real terror. The story is quite simple and likable but it seems the editors were sacked after the long shoot. Check A flying jatt Tuesday collection.

A flying jatt 6th day collection: 1.75 Cr expected

Total A flying box office collection

The film would have been more likable had it been about 20 -30 minutes shorter. Kids below 10 may enjoy it, though. Music is ok in bits. The romantic ballad-like number scores over the others. There are quite a few religious sounding songs in the background and it will surely appeal to some sections of the audience. Tiger Shroff as usual dances and fights well. If ‘A Flying Jatt‘ does well commercially (which seems doubtful considering the collections until now), the makers could come out with a,hopefully, better, sequel. They may title it ‘The High Flying Jatt’ the second time around as by now, our Superhero would have hopefully got over his fear of heights. See it if you have kids or your own inner child insists. Here A flying jatt 6 days collection.

A flying Jatt box office collection: 33 Cr approx.

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