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A Flying Jatt movie is doing well among the youngsters. This is another superhero movie after Hrithik Krissh. Today A Flying Jatt 4th day collection and we hope that movie collection will get a high jump at the box office. Check total A Flying Jatt box office collection of 4 days from here. Take a snapshot about movie.

The movie begins on a great Note where Kay Kay Menon in his most suave avatar yet plays Malhotra who is an Industrialist whose factories pollute the environment like nobody’s business. He needs to buy a plot of land for smooth transportation of his trucks. The land is owned by The Fireball Sikhri making a return Amrita Singh she slaps her way through KK’s men and tells him to buzz off the land also has a tree which has the Sikh holy symbol embossed on it. She has a shy son Tiger Shroff who is very shy and has Acrophobia (fear of heights) and works as a martial arts teacher in a local school. Meanwhile, KK Menon calls up his pet goon Raaka ( Nathan Jones ) Nathan Jones is as mean and as menacing as ever he is an ex-WWE wrestler, ex-body building a champion, former Mr. Australia, Former Worlds Strongest Man.

A Flying Jatt 4th day collection Sunday Earning

He makes one of the grandest entry ever given to a villain. Nathan is called to eradicate the Holy Tree just when he is about to cut it off with a chainsaw Tiger Shroff confronts him and they get into a fight while Rakka is beating him up he gets thrown at the tree and he gets superpowers and he throws Raaka away with his new strength far of into the distance into One of Malhotra’s factories into the chemical waste dump areas submerged in waste.
Meanwhile, Aman is getting to know his superpowers of strength flight and ability to copy things in a nanosecond. This part of the movie has its share of laughs in the Bruce Lee imitation Sunny Leone imitation, and the violinist imitation. Though he can fly he flies low because of his fear of heights is very funny. Check A Flying Jatt Sunday collection.

A Flying Jatt 4th day collection: 8 Cr expected.

Total A Flying Jatt box office collection report

Meanwhile, Ranka lying around in chemicals for a few days gets affected and becomes a pollution absorbing monster. More pollution more power and strength for Raaka. he comes back with a vengeance and beats the hell out of the Flying Jatt.

A Flying Jatt 1st day collection: 7.10 Cr

A Flying Jatt 2nd day collection: 6 Cr

A Flying Jatt 3rd day collection: 7.35 Cr

A Flying Jatt 4th day collection: 8 Cr expected

A Flying Jatt 1st weekend collection: 28 Cr approx

Barely escaping with his life the Jatt is saved and recuperating from his injuries when Raaka challenges him to another fight. Since he is injured his elder brother wears his suit and goes to Rakka to save his brothers life. Rakka kills the Aman’s Brother who is powerless against the monster of a man. Meanwhile, Jacqueline Fernandes who plays the girl next door falls in love with the Flying Jatt and this unnecessary love angle sidetracks the whole movie with 2 stupid needless songs. After her elder son’s death she narrates the Sikh motto to motivate her son into fighting back and tells him to wear the Sardar Turban which he refuses saying he stopped wearing it due to colleagues teasing him about the 12o clock joke on sardars she narrates the tale of bravery and courage and sacrifice of the Sikhs and the truth behind the tale for everybody to learn and see and be ashamed of teasing a sardar for such a good deed performed by his ancestors. The Jatt Recovers and fights the evil.

A Flying Jatt movie review| What’s Good & Bad in Movie

What’s Good

Director-Choreographer Remo Fernandes Makes this Children’s movie very well keeping in mind the target audience. Showing the importance of nonpollution and by effects of pollution, the narrating truth behind the Sardar tale of 12o clock, triumph of good over evil and things like that.

Amrita Singh making a return to the big screen as landlord and the first Sikhri mother makes for a very impactful performance.

Nathan Jones gives a superb performance and looks every bit of the part of a nasty monster villain with his growls his expressions and his behemoth sized 7-foot tall physique.

What’s Bad

The movie makes for an Entertaining watch but with a very childish theme. The special effects and vfx are all just about mediocre and almost restrained for a category of superhero movie With a bigger production value this movie could have done much better. Wish Remo Dsouza would have gone for a production house with more open purse strings and not Balaji Telefilms.

Verdict – An out and out children’s movie but with an important message to all society on how we are harming the environment with pollution.