6th Day Baaghi Box office Collection (6 Days) Report | Tuesday Business

It seriously seems like a rebel that Baaghi is doing so well as compared to Tiger Shroff’s earlier film #Heropanti. Baaghi has crossed the business of 50 crore Indian rupees in just six days. Here are the analytics of 6th-day baaghi box office collection. Starting from the first day with 11.87 crores on opening Friday, Baaghi has remarked its feet on box office. Its daily income for last five days is 11 crore average right now. The earlier competitors of Baaghi movie like Fan has given up on box office in India. The 45 crore film (Baaghi Budget) is now in the phase of profit.

Yesterday on Tuesday baaghi completed the 50 crore mark by earning 5.77 crores on its 5th day baaghi collection, which is greater than the Fan 5th day collection. Shahrukh’s Fan collected the 5.75 crore INR on its fifth day whereas Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor’s Baaghi can earn 5.77 crores.

6th day Baaghi Box Office Collection

Baaghi is making history for earlier 2016 by daily earning well amount through theaters box office in India. Apart from Indian cinema, Its also getting fame in the overseas country like UAE, UK, USA and some Gulf countries. Baaghi is about to ready for the upcoming week to compete with Sunny Leone’s “One Night Stand“, Sharman Joshi’s “1920 London“, Hollywood Blockbuster film “Captain America: Civil War” and lots of films which are releasing on 6th may in India.

Baaghi 6th day collection is again a buzz on Twitter; people are tweeting daily about the success of Baaghi. Even Heropanti had collected the box office earnings of 53 crores in total. It can be seen the Baaghi will break tiger’s record of Heropanti in its first week. Well, Baaghi Team and director Sabbir Khan deserves a round applause for their extraordinary work.

Baaghi 6 Days Tota Box Office Collection Report

Well, as if you are the daily reader of 123BocIndia, then you must have seen the regular income table of all the movies which are getting released these days. 123bocIndia is maintaining its all graphs and table daily with correct box office record and date.

Here are the past six days baaghi box office collection report with overseas business as well as Indian Kamai.

DayDateWeek DayIndia (INR)Overseas (INR)
Premier28 AprilThursday3.67 cr1.54 Cr
1st Day29 AprilFriday11.87 cr4.11 cr
2nd Day30 AprilSaturday11.13 cr3.30 cr
3rd Day1 MaySunday15.51 cr3.35 cr
4th Day2 MayMonday6.72 cr2.27 cr
5th Day3 MayTuesday5.77 cr2.08 cr
6th Day4 MayWednesday4.62 cr1.89 cr
7th Day5 MayThursday4.03 cr1.75 cr
8th Day6 MaySecond Fri2.31 cr49 lacs
9th day7 maySecond Sat2.43 cr54 lacs
10th day8 maySecond Sun3.1739 lacs
11th day9 maySecond Mon1.3848 lacs
12th day10maySecond Tue1.2235 lacs
13th day11 maySecond Wed1.14 cr45 lacs
14th Day12 maySecond Thu1.06 cr56 lacs
15th Day13 mayThird Fri54 lacs24 lacs
16th Day14 mayThird Sat63 lacs31 lacs
17th Day15 mayThird Sun78 lacs28 lacs
18th Day16 mayThird Mon36 lacs19 lacs
19th Day17 mayThird Tue33 lacs13 lacs
20th Day18 mayThird wed31 lacs10 lacs
21st day19 mayThird Thu28 lacs9 lacs
22nd day20 mayFourth Fri26 lacs---
23rd day21 mayFourth Sat24 lacs----
TotalBox officeBusiness75.73 cr20.46 cr


Well, Baaghi is on its crossing of 51.07 crore business in India and 10.82 crore business in overseas countries, Which means it has reached to 62 crores worldwide box office collection in just six days.

On Twitter KRK is getting shame by the Twitter audience for his review and prediction about Baaghi, What do you think about Baaghi Potential of Box office collection now? Will Baaghi hit its name in the record of 100+ crore box office films in India? What are your opinions on it? Comment down or tweet us @123bocIndia.