16th Day Fan Box Office Collection, 3rd Saturday Business-Earnings Report

It’s 16th Day, and Fan’s business is decreasing daily as  Baaghi has released on Friday with a best 1st-day collection in India after Fan. It covers 75 lacs on Thursday its 14th day after opening, and it is decreasing daily. The craze of Shahrukh Khan is getting down after Fan. Baaghi opened the box office again and collected 11 crores on its opening day.

Let’s have a look at the table of Fan Box Office Collection report; It is showing the movie’s business is decreasing daily throughout the 15 days. Starting from the biggest opening day collection of 19.20 cr it got a large decline on its 4th day of about 60% depression from its Sunday’s income.

16th Day Fan Box Office Collection Report

Here are the all correct metrics of fan film how much it earned daily at the box office as well as the Overseas collection and 16th Day Fan Box Office Collection.

The earnings of fan film are keep decreasing, and it has come to nearly 50 lacs in its recent earnings.

Maybe it is last week at the box office though Baaghi is already crushing its business and next week 4+ bigger movies are releasing on 6th may name as Captain America: Civil War, 1920 London, One Night Stand by Sunny Leone, Azhar, and Kaptaan, etc.

These upcoming movies will pause the Fan’s earnings, and the question arises in our mind are how many fans do business in total? Is it the end of Shahrukh’s fame? Does Fan film has the guts to cross 200+ crore INR mark in India?

There are lots of queries which are still unresolved, and these will answer in few days. If you think better than us and have an answer to these questions, then reply us on comment box or tweet us at Twitter by tagging @123bocindia about 16th Day Fan Box Office Collection and Fan Complete 16 Days Box office Report



  1. Fan movie is running this far because of Shahrukh craze so it is a misstatement to say that movie collapsed because of lac of it.Fan movie had absolutely no commercial factor,like no songs ,dances or even a heroine.Fan was only meant to collect the interest of those srk fans who scream about highest level of acting skills that only srk hasfrom all his commercial movies that make above 200 score. Dilwale only fell short of 200 mark because of the clash with another big movie .There is no other actor of commercial movies who is capable of acting at that high level other Shahrukh Khan.